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IDRAK partners with PECB to offer internationally accredited courses

We are very excited about this new partnership, and we promise to put forth our fullest efforts on behalf of this endeavor. “I am deeply honored and delighted that we have signed this agreement with IDRAK,” said Tim Rama, CEO of PECB

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البنك الأهلي يطلق برنامج مسار

أعلن البنك الأهلي الكويتي عن إطلاق برنامج مسار للتطوير الوظيفي، وهو برنامج تطوير شامل مصمم خصيصاً للموظفين الكويتيين حديثي التوظيف. ويهدف البرنامج من خلال رحلة تعليمية مكثفة على مدى ستة أشهر إلى تنمية وتعزيز المهارات الشخصية والمهنية، وتعزيز تطور الموظفين الذين يلعبون دوراً حيوياً في ستراتيجية نمو البنك على المدى الطويل. وعلاوة على ذلك، يستهدف البرنامج الأفراد الذين أظهروا إمكانيات واعدة على الصعيدين الشخصي والمهني.

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Pursuing its consistent endeavors to develop employees and help them build a thriving career that drives its sustainable growth, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) launched its Mentoring Program for developing future leaders, in cooperation with IDRAK Training and Consultancy.

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Al-Jarida Article

As part of its continuous endeavor to improve the career development path of its human cadres and help them build a successful career path that supports the future growth of the bank, the National Bank of Kuwait launched its orientation training program to develop the future leaders of the bank

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A training workshop on the awareness aspects of cybersecurity in “Technological Studies”

The Department of Electronic Engineering Technology at the College of Technology Studies organized a training workshop on the awareness aspects of cybersecurity, entitled (Deterrent), in cooperation with Edraak Consulting and Training Company.

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Cyber ​​Security Exhibition and Forum

An invitation to participate in the Cybersecurity Exhibition and Forum – Challenges and Solutions – organized by the Department of Electronic Engineering at the College of Technology Studies.

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