Maintaining the expertise, competence and compliance of employees, to complete their roles safely, efficiently and accurately, should be at the heart of any business. Few sectors rely on this more than Oil and Gas.

IDRAK is an approved training provider of the Petroleum Training Company in Kuwait and also works in partnership with leading global partners to offer a full suite of instructional programs, simulations and e-learning solutions across the Oil and Gas sector.

Our programs are continually updated to ensure they mirror the latest industry practices and technologies. Highly-qualified instructors draw from their own industry experience to provide an effective link between theory and practice with our programs offering the flexibility of physical, virtual or blended delivery.

Offering both competency improvement and fully accredited programs, IDRAK Technical Training works with your business to design a Technical Training solution that ensures your employees continue working safely, efficiently and accurately.

The complexity of the Oil and Gas industry can often be overwhelming to those joining the sector and even to those that already work in support departments such as Finance, Human Resources and Marketing. IDRAK Technical Training has a solution for this. Petroleum Online looks at the commercial and technical aspects of the Oil and Gas value chain to assist all your employees in seeing how their role fits in to the bigger picture. Delivered online and on-demand your employee can access when suitable for them and your business.

IDRAK Technical Training is equally effective as an organisation-wide initiative or a targeted intervention, however, is particularly suited to:

No two businesses are the same. Neither are the training solutions devised and delivered by IDRAK so the themes represent our sectors of expertise. This grows each time an existing client returns, or a new client wants to work with us. If you have a need IDRAK has a solution.