E-learning & Virtual learning

IDRAK values the importance of E-learning & Virtual learning in this age of Technology advancement and provides extensive E-learning tools. 

Our E-learning library is geared to training English language as well as training for all personnel within the Oil & Gas industry.

IDRAK has partnered with ABC International in South Africa to deliver the most engaging digital English programs and has also partnered with IHRDC in Boston to cover industry-specific knowledge and business essentials for the Oil & Gas industry. The e-library of IHRDC consists of the following categories: 

  1. Oil & Gas Business: A comprehensive series of courses that provide in-depth overviews of each sector of the oil and gas industry. The Petroleum Online series is suitable for anyone associated with the international oil and gas industry.
  2. IPIMS Upstream Technology: An award-winning, comprehensive e-Learning system that covers all areas of upstream petroleum technology. IPIMS is a corporate solution for building competencies of E&P professionals at all levels.
  3. Operation & Maintenance: With more than 340 courses, Operations & Maintenance is a comprehensive learning resource covering Fundamentals, health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Maintenance, and Operations.
  4. Business Essentials: is an interactive set of courses in key business areas designed to improve the critical business skills of individuals working in the international oil and gas industry.