Competency frameworks & management

Competency frameworks are critically vital to the corporate strategy of any corporation. It is strongly linked to a company's HR strategy, it's performance management, learning & development strategy, recruitment strategy & so forth. 

Competency solutions can vary depending on the client’s needs. Solutions may include Organisational competency frameworks, Competency mapping, Competency learning solutions (Instructional programs, OJT, Simulation training, E-learning, Coaching, Mentoring), Job designs, Job families and integration of competency frameworks in Strategic HRM systems. (appraisals, rewards, career progression, L&D, etc).

IDRAK partners with qualified consultants to deliver high-end Competency frameworks.

Our global partner, IHRDC in Boston have over 45 years of experience in Competency management for the Oil and Gas industry. Their close affiliation with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is key to the great success of their projects.

Further information on IHRDC's competency management solutions can be found here