IHRDC has been providing competency management and training and products and services for more than 45 years to the worldwide oil and gas industry. Its main office is in Boston with regional offices in Houston, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Lagos, and Kuala Lumpur.

3 main services include:

  • Instructional Programs
  • E-learning and Knowledge Solutions
  • Competency management

Instructional Programs: have been attended by more than 10,000 energy industry managers from 106 countries around the globe. IHRDC has developed a reputation for excellence in learning because these programs offer a unique simulation design, superior instructors, incorporate multi-media resources and because we pay careful attention to our clients’ learning needs. They apply Adult Learning Principles as the foundation of our instructional design. This means that they integrate lectures by experienced industry specialists and multimedia resources with creative business simulation games to challenge and engage participants in an active and challenging learning environment. This blended learning approach has been proven to stimulate learning, make it an enjoyable experience and lead to early on-job application.

To date, IHRDC has developed 25 petroleum industry simulation games that incorporate technology, project management and the commercial aspects of the oil and gas business to meet the objectives of our various Instructional Programs, which are offered on a public basis, in Boston, Cambridge U.K., and other international locations, and on private, in-house basis at our client’s preferred location.

E-Learning and Knowledge Solutions: IHRDC has developed and licenses four major e-Learning series to 125 companies within the worldwide petroleum industry. These series include IPIMPS for the Upstream Industry, Operations & Management for the Midstream & Downstream, Petroleum Online which provides an overview of the Oil & Gas chain industry as well as Business Essentials which offers soft skill topics and leadership development of Oil & Gas.

Competency Management: Since the mid-1970’s, IHRDC has provided manpower planning and development services to the oil, gas, and power industries in many different countries (see our website for a list of clients). Today they undertake engagements with a variety of clients using outstanding team of competency specialists, a database of 350 industry-specific, generic competency models and our industry-leading competency management system, CMS Online. These resources have been used by over 50 companies to plan, implement and manage their own proprietary competency management systems. Many 41 of our competency models have been adopted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and an additional 11 by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists as its member’s standard competency system to plan and monitor their own career progress. Recently IHRDC linked its generic competency models with its e-Learning resources to provide its clients with a major new competency-based e-Learning solution.