Nationalisation Programs

Idrak designs bespoke programs specifically targetted to support Nationalisation initiatives. The aim is to build both technical and vocational skills for nationals in order to close skill gaps and integrate more easily into both the public and the private sector job market in our regions of operation. 

The design of each program commences with understanding the clear objective followed by a thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to determine the main skills gap and provide customized solutions to support the business needs.

Each program can be designed with a blended learning approach that includes instructional learning, simulation learning, e-learning, mentorship and/or Coaching. Nationalised programs can be designed as onboarding orientation programs all the way to Leadership levels and offer numerous benefits to organizations and their employees. They have a direct impact on how quickly new employees are integrated and old employees are able to add value to the business in their different roles.  They also minimize disruption to work routines by creating more knowledgeable skilled workers faster, making them more productive and saving busineses time and money.