E-learning and Virtual learning

IDRAK values the importance of E-learning & Virtual learning in this age of Technology advancement and provides extensive E-learning tools to our clients with a specialty in Oil & Gas digital programs.

Partnering with IHRDC based in Boston, we are able to deliver the ultimate digital library for the Oil & Gas sector comprising almost 1,000 online professional and petro-technical training courses in over 300 subject areas.

Our programs are divided into the following categories: 

  • Business Essentials: Soft skill topic courses for employees in the Oil & Gas spectrum such as Agile, Communications, Creativity and Innovation, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Trade, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Online Learning Project Management, Project Risk Management, Six Sigma, and Sustainable Management.
  • Petroleum Online: provides in-depth overviews of each sector of the oil and gas industry, courses such as Oil & Gas Industry overview, Upstream Oil & Gas agreements, Oilfield Development, Overview of Petrochemicals, Crude oil Transportation & Storage, marketing & distribution of Petroleum products, and others.
  • IPIMS: one of the most reputable libraries for the Upstream Petroleum industry.  
  • Operations & Maintenance: extensive library for the Downstream industry.